HUGS Introduction

Dear Hospice Colleague,

The ProCare HospiceCare Hospice Utilization Guidelines is available online and hardcopy for you, our customers.  For online access please email us at and our associates will be happy to setup your access.  For a hardcopy, please see the HUGS Order Form (click here).

Below you will find the introduction, the table of contents and a short sample of pages from each chapter.

This work is the culmination of many years of dedication and professional effort by several key stakeholders with ProCare HospiceCare who have worked tirelessly to help me finish this first edition of our work, which we fondly refer to as "HUGs".

It is my hope that you will personally let us know directly what suggestions you may have for the second edition of this publication, which we are already working on.

Thank you for the luxury and opportunity to work with you as a hospice professional. We truly admire the work that you do.

Kindest regards - ProCare HospiceCare