Welcome to ProCare Rx

ProCare Rx is paving the way as a first-rate privately owned Pharmacy Benefit Management alternative to the larger players in the industry, always making our clients the #1 priority.

Why ProCare Rx?

Our in-house tools and services provide our clients with a clear and precise view of their pharmacy benefit dollars - no smoke ... no mirrors. With unmatched analytics, reporting, and system flexibility to meet the needs of even the most complex plan customizations, our clients have the ability to maximize cost savings and to improve quality of care to their members through a wide array of design options and solutions. Our expert support services also allow our clients the choice of managing their own benefit designs for a more hands-on, cost-effective approach in controlling their drug spend.

From our competitive retail pharmacy network, including our wholly owned mail service and specialty pharmacy, to formulary & rebate management, plan design management and clinical services, we provide our clients with all of the necessary tools, information, and industry expertise to optimize their pharmacy benefits at a very low cost.

Founded in 1987, our company has celebrated year over year growth for more than 25 years. Our internally developed and maintained, fully integrated real-time claims processing system, along with our people who are experts in the management of pharmacy benefits, we are setting the bar for a new level of Pharmacy Benefit Management. We truly "Manage Your Pharmacy Benefit, One Prescription at a Time".

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We are very pleased with the supportive, professional staff at ProCare Rx. They understand the complexities of pharmacy benefits and transactions, the day-to-day operations of a pharmacy and the types of problems to anticipate.

Manager, Provider Relations, Large Healthcare


ProCare Rx has guided us to excellent customer satisfaction with their knowledge and expertise of the Industry.

Account Administrator


ProCare Rx's real time reporting capability allows us to quickly monitor trends, identify issues and adjust interventions as needed.

Manager, Provider Relations, Large Healthcare Provider


ProCare Rx makes the so called "impossible" with our previous vendor look easy every day. It is so routine for them to handle issues that would take weeks and months with our previous vendor, and couple this with all the on-site staff and proprietary systems, developers and pharmacists they make it look so easy and flow so smoothly.

Vice President of a Midwestern Health Plan


They promised a smooth implementation and delivered beyond my expectations, and more importantly beyond my staff's expectations. Great people to work with, day in day out.

CFO of a Health Plan