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Access to These Special Services

These select services are available on the HospiceCare portal at www.procarehospicecare.com.  Please go to that site and login there (not on this website).  If you do not have login credentials for that site, please click Login at the top right of any page.  On the following page, click 'Register' and follow the directions.  Customer requests for access are generally confirmed with one business day.  Alternatively, you may telephone toll free, 877-699-3542.  Our associates will be happy to assist you.

HospiceCare Services

ProCare HospiceCare is pleased to have the opportunity to assist your Hospice in the provision of care to your Hospice patients.

Lexi-Comp Drug Reference Database

As a value added service we provide your Hospice clinicians with on-line access to the Lexi-Comp Drug Information Service.  Lexi-Comp is the premier provider of clinical reference information and support solutions for healthcare professionals.

The Lexi-Comp link provides you with access to traditional drug information such as indication for use, drug interaction  and side effect information as well as to medication specific patient information leaflets (PIL) written in at least 18 languages and different size fonts for patients with various needs.  To access the Lexi-Comp Drug Information Service, click on the Lexi-Comp tab shown here.

Patient Information Leaflets

In addition, via this website, ProCare HospiceCare also provides your Hospice with our own version of patient information leaflets (PCHC PILS).  These leaflets are a little different in that they are written to explain any off-label use of the particular medication in end-of-life care.  For example, the morphine PIL addresses the use of morphine to manage shortness of breath.  The gabapentin PIL addresses the use of this drug to manage neuropathic pain, which is information that is not included in the traditional patient information leaflets provided by other drug information services.

Lunch and Learn Seminars

For continuing education and quality of care, ProCare HospiceCare provides a regular schedule of educational seminars.

Special Educational Video Series

This two hour seminar addresses the intricacies of managing medication administration for end of life care.  You will learn preferred methods for medication management to improve the overall quality of care.  Specific topics include:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Use of medication efficiently
  • Minimize side effects
  • Use appropriate routes of administration
  • Keep medication dosage schedules simple
  • Anticipate disease pregression
  • Give patient and care givers information and choices