Taft-Hartley There are over 17 million union workers in the United States, each one a proud testament to the resilience and work ethic of American labor. ProCare Rx believes that every union deserves to know exactly where their healthcare dollars are being spent and should be able to easily calculate their savings. This is why we are an industry leader in offering transparent pharmacy benefit management arrangements. It's been our mission to educate clients about how our lowest net cost formulary can bring significant savings in a world of spiraling prescription drug costs. Your membership is the backbone of America; they deserve straight talk and straight answers - no price spreads, no hidden fees, and no gimmicks. ProCare Rx provides excellent, reliable prescription benefits at an unbeatable price for your union members.

Simplifying PBM

Transparency is not just a ‘buzz word’ to us; it’s been our commitment to our clients for over a decade. ProCare Rx is committed to providing competitive pricing that is accessible and easy to evaluate. We believe our pricing models and practices allow our clients to project cost trends with greater accuracy and confidence.

It’s clear: ProCare Rx customizes transparent prescription benefit plans for unions of any size or type at an unbeatable price. Our drug costs have trended below the national cost trend for the last three years. We use a ‘lowest net cost’ philosophy to give the best clinical outcomes at the lowest possible price.

Your membership deserves low cost prescription benefits with the convenience of filling prescriptions at their favorite pharmacy or by convenient mail order. It’s that simple.