Excellence in Hospice Pharmacy and Clinical Services . . . One Patient at a Time

The ProCare HospiceCare Program is all about helping you, help your patients.  You receive local pharmacy support, a team of ProCare HospiceCare clinicians who are working on the frontlines with you every day, innovative software and claims technology that frees you from endless paperwork, and significant savings on medication costs. We understand the importance of continuing to learn the best therapies for patient care, and the stress of walking this last journey with your patients.

  • Dedicated Hospice Pharmacy Benefit Management Services
  • Admit 24 - Proprietary Data Integration
  • On-Demand Clinical Pharmacy Services and CoPs program
  • Superior Analytical Tools

On-Demand Clinical Services & CoPs Program

The ProCare HospiceCare team can be an instant lifeline for all of your medication therapy management needs.  Our On-Demand Clinical Services (ODCS) has Hospice Pharmacists available 24/7/365 for pain and symptom management consultation and recommendations, identification and analysis of the patients' chief complaint on admission and transitioning the patient successfully into your care.  Prospective medication review, prevention of drug induced delirium, and alerts of possible adverse drug reactions underscore the daily commitment our Hospice Pharmacists will have to you and your patients.

Our services cover the following standards which became effective December 2008:
Standard 418.54 Comprehensive Assessment: Drug Profile
Standard 418.58 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement
Standard 418.106 Drugs and Biologicals, Medical Supplies and Durable Medical Equipment
Standard 418.60 Infection Control
Standard 418.104 Clinical Records
Standard 418.110 Hospices that Provide Inpatient Care Directly

ProCare HospiceCare offers the following services in addition to the ones described above!

  • Monthly DUE (Drug Utilization Evaluation report)
  • Integrated Care Planning
  • Pharmacist Participation in Hospice Team Meetings
  • Pain and Symptom Management Treatment Algorithms
  • Monthly Medication Safety Alert Program
  • Transition of Care Assistance
  • Full Access to Hospice Professional Services website allowing access to Drug Information Tools, PILS (Patient Information Leaflets), Bimonthly newsletters, and Drug Recall alerts
  • Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Program
  • On-Demand, Teleconference and Web Based, Nursing and Medical CE programs

The above services will help you manage all the requirements for the 2008 Medicare CoPs, and we look forward to working with you to meet this important CMS deadline.  ProCare HospiceCare ODCS puts Hospice pharmacists 'in the trenches' with physicians, nurses, and their Hospice patients 24/7/365.  Isn't this the clinical and professional support your Hospice needs?  Let ProCare HospiceCare provide you with answers in an instant, when every minute counts.

Your Patients, Your Plan Design

ProCare HospiceCare will have an immediate impact on your medication costs.  Our Preferred Hospice Formulary, and ten years experience working with Hospice Clients, will lower your overall drug costs.  ProCare Rx's Pharmacy Benefit Manager will show you the savings, right from your desktop.

Unlimited Plan Design OptionsCost Containment ManagementTherapeutic Interventions that Help Achieve Cost-EffectivenessReview of Medication and Pharmacy Plan BenefitsHospice-Medication Utilization Guidelines (HUGs)Preferred Hospice Medication List

Local Pharmacy Hospice Network

ProCare HospiceCare contracts directly with hospice friendly pharmacies to provide you with a strong local pharmacy network that is committed to serving the needs of your patients.  These pharmacies will stock the pharmaceuticals that hospice patients need, and you have a variety of providers from which to choose:

Retail Chain and IndependentsLong Term Care PharmaciesNational Specialty PharmacyNational Compounding PharmaciesHome Infusion PharmaciesCentral Fill Pharmacy — OptionalNational Courier Solution — Optional

Customer Service that Listens

We realize that a successful business relies on the satisfaction of our clients.  That's why we build stronger relationships by listening closely to your concerns, asking the right questions, and developing solutions designed to meet your business needs.

Our Customer Service Team is dedicated to the premise that the most important aspects of delivering pharmacy benefit management services to the Hospice industry are timeliness and quality of service.  Through extensive training and reliable systems, our Customer Service Team provides timely and high quality service through expert, efficient, and superior customer service skills.

Measuring Success – QAPI Focused

ProCare HospiceCare provides our clients with proprietary, comprehensive, easy to use reporting software that you can access right from your desktop.  We firmly believe that "You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure," and with each customized performance summary the financial savings will be easy to read and understand.  The effectiveness of your Hospice Pharmacy Benefit Management Program should not be a mystery, or a complicated chore at the end of a long day (or night!); our real-time reporting capabilities will let you measure utilization and activity, and review your data in the electronic format of your choice, via the Internet.

Educating Your Hospice Team

Learning new therapies and techniques reinvigorates your hospice team.  They become more confident in their decisions, calmer in a health crisis, and project an air of competency and compassion dealing with hospice patients and their families.  The career path of a hospice professional can be overwhelming, that's why continuing education is so important for hospice staff on every level.  Training on our systems, and knowing ProCare HospiceCare support is just a phone call away, is a big step towards preparing and retaining high quality professionals.  ProCare HospiceCare also offers the following programs and services:

HospiceCare 2020 Annual ConferenceMonthly Lunch and Learn Programs with Professional CEU'sCustomized In-Service Programs for Hospice StaffPatient Medication Education LeafletsHospice Employee Wellness ProgramsDiabetes EducationSmoking CessationMetabolic Syndrome Management