On-Demand Clinical Services (ODCS), with conditions of participation (CoPs) compliance, gives ProCare HospiceCare clients immediate and unlimited access to comprehensive pharmacy consultations upon admission and throughout the course of a patient’s hospice care – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Upon admission, the ODCS Doctors of Pharmacy will enroll your patient in our ADMIT 24™ system and generate written recommendations to provide documentation to support the Pharmacy Plan of Care. The ODCS consult is documented and forwarded to the hospice within minutes of completion. Throughout the patient’s hospice care, our ODCS pharmacists will provide unlimited consultations whenever there is concern about a change in patient symptoms, when medications need to be reviewed, or when there is a change in the location of care.


On-Demand Clinical Services sets the standard for hospice clinical care, while effectively managing drug costs.

  • On Demand Doctor of Pharmacy participation on Hospice P&T Committee meetings, team meetings, and IDT or IDG meetings
  • Automated, patient specific Drug Recall Alerts within 24 hours of an issued alert
  • Peer-reviewed Formulary with pharmacist review of drugs requiring prior authorization
  • Comprehensive, custom monthly and quarterly reporting , including, but not limited to: drug utilization, antibiotic surveillance, anticoagulation drug therapy, and target drug alerts
  • Personal assistance and custom reports for Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Initiatives (QAPI)
  • Expert clinical support builds confidence for nurses new to hospice and enhances clinical staff retention