Proven Hospice PBM Solutions
Experience counts when it comes to ensuring efficient access to hospice medications at the lowest possible cost. ProCare HospiceCare (PHC) is a leader in delivering exceptional value and better health outcomes for our clients through pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services.

  • Developing and managing a Formulary tailored to meet individual hospice needs
  • Negotiating medication discounts and delivery fees with local pharmacies
  • Processing and paying prescription claims
  • Beneficiary-level Part D prior authorization requirements and documentation
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PHC leads the industry in providing real-time interface capabilities with patient management software systems, saving our clients both time and money. We seamlessly interface to receive patient demographics and medication coverage information. All of this information imports directly into our adjudication system, allowing immediate access to approved medications.

The value of a strong relationship with a local pharmacy cannot be underestimated. Our goal is to preserve the relationships that have been developed with all existing pharmacy partners. ProCare HospiceCare offers clients a 24/7/365 customer care center. Our USA-based help desk is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable associates to assist pharmacies and hospices with medication authorizations, claims submissions, and questions.

Comprehensive, customized reporting packages meet the specific needs of each hospice, with CMS required CR 8358 error free submissions.