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What do I send to get set up for your mail order program?

In order to set up your account for the mail order program, you should send the following:

Complete the enclosed patient profile brochure. The brochure is only necessary for your first order. You may list all of your dependents on the same brochure. Obtain mail order prescriptions from your doctor. Clearly write your name, date of birth, and member ID number on the back of your prescription.

Where do I send my mail order?

The following options can be used to send your orders:

Mail your prescriptions and the patient profile to:
ProCare PharmacyCare – 3891 Commerce Pkwy. – Miramar, Fl 33025

Prescriptions usually take 2 to 5 business days to arrive at our facility. This time may vary depending on your location and time of year.

Only your doctor may fax your prescriptions to our facility at: 800-662-0590. We must have original copies of any Class II medication, and they cannot be faxed or phoned. You do not need to call and set up a profile over the phone if you are going to mail the blue patient profile and your prescriptions together.

What if I have a prescription but I do not want it filled at this time?

Please clearly indicate with a personal letter or enclosed notation if you do not need a medication filled. We assume that any medication sent to us is ready for processing unless clearly marked otherwise. Please do not have your doctor fax prescriptions that are to be saved on file, as they will not have the proper indication and may be filled.

How do I pay for my medications?

You may pay for your prescriptions by check or credit card. Payment must be received for medication to be dispensed; we are not able to bill. Paying by credit card is more common, because your doctor can fax your prescriptions and you can call in refills. Also, you do not need to know the exact copayment amount of the prescription, as you are provided with a detailed receipt with your order. We will never charge you for a prescription that is not covered by your insurance. Our Client Services Department will contact you if there are any problems processing your order. If you choose to pay by check, your check must accompany your prescriptions; we cannot send medication without payment. If your check is for a larger amount than your prescription total, we can keep this credit on file for your next order. If your check is for an insufficient amount, we will contact you to pay the balance with a credit card, or request an additional check.

Will my copayment change?

You may save money on your copayment, as many plans offer a 3 month supply for 2 copays. You may also be eligible to receive an equivalent over-the–counter product to replace your prescription drug at no copay. For an estimated copay quote, you may call ProCare PharmacyCare at 800-662-0586.

How long will it take to get my medication in the mail?

Once we receive your medication order, we will fill and ship your prescriptions within 24 hours, provided there are no coverage issues. We send all standard orders via First Class Mail, and delivery usually takes 3 to 5 business days. Controlled substances may be shipped via 3-day service and may require an adult signature. All medications requiring refrigerated shipping are shipped via overnight delivery and may also require a signature. Please allow a longer processing time for mailed prescription orders and payment than those sent via fax and paid by credit card.

Do I have to pay for delivery?

ProCare PharmacyCare will pay for Standard First Class, controlled substances sent 3-Day, and refrigerated medications sent overnight. Members are given the option to pay for upgraded shipping methods.

How do I refill my medications?

Instructions to refill medications will be included with your order.



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