PharmacyCare Overview

ProCare PharmacyCare (PPC) is a mail order and specialty pharmacy that is patient and provider oriented and focused on optimizing drug therapies and providing member health education. PPC believes timeliness and efficiency are synonymous to providing quality services.

In order to accomplish this goal, we have developed a system that provides quality assurance checks, an automated system to maximize accuracy, and multiple checks by professional pharmacists for each prescription. An automated shipping and manifesting system provides fast, accurate delivery to customers. Each package is routed using the most efficient delivery method.

ProCare PharmacyCare is URAC accredited for mail order services, with fulfillment locations in Miramar FL, Gainesville GA, and Las Vegas NV. Our facilities are fully integrated with the clinical department and our claims processing system, so every mail order prescription is evaluated with the members’ retail claims.

  • 95% customer satisfaction rating, and every order is traceable, confidential, and shipped free of charge to every member with a rapid turnaround time of 24 hours on ‘clean’ orders
  • Easily order refills through ProCare Rx’s Member Portal


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URAC Certification URAC Certification

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